Basics of Biblical Interpretation

A more in-depth study of how to properly interpret the Bible, including principles and methods of Biblical exegesis, with an emphasis on hands-on application of the methods learned.

Doctrine I

An in-depth study of fundamental Apostolic doctrines such as sin, salvation, separation, holiness and spiritual gifts.

Old Testament Overview

Emphasizes the “big picture” context of the Old Testament, including how each individual book fits into the timeline of the Old Testament.

Biblical Geography

A study of the geography and culture of Israel and the Ancient Near East as it pertains to better understanding Scripture.

Study of the Life of Christ

Focuses on the Gospel accounts of the life, ministry, death, burial and resurrection of Christ, including His miracles, parables, and mission. 

Doctrine II

Continued in-depth study of fundamental Apostolic doctrines such as the identity of God, the nature and attributes of God, Oneness, and the incarnation.

Study of Acts and the Epistles

A study of the birth, growth, doctrine and issues faced by the New Testament church as described in Acts and the Epistles. Includes a chronological study of the Epistles in the context of the Book of Acts.

Basics of Applied Biblical Exposition

From preparation to delivery, a study of essential and practical principles in explaining the Word of God.

History of the Apostolic Church

A study of the Apostolic Church from its birth in the Book of Acts up to the present time.

Doctrine III

Continued in-depth study of fundamental Apostolic doctrines such as the laying on of hands, devils, angels, foot washing, communion, heaven, hell, and eschatology, viewed in relation to the doctrine of the church.

Christian Ethics

An introduction to Christian ethics, including major ethical systems and discussions of several specific challenging ethical issues.

Personal Evangelism

A practical look at the doctrine of evangelism, the scriptural mandate of soul-winning, and its application to each individual.

  • The scope and depth of courses are a great benefit to anyone seeking to know Him more and better understand His Word.
    Justin Johnson
    Justin JohnsonTulsa, OK
  • It is a place where seeds are planted and a burden for the harvest is embedded.
    Kristen Waldrep
    Kristen WaldrepTulsa, OK