Biblical Basics & Leadership Development

Kevin W. McDonald, B.A., J.D.

Apostolic Doctrinal Distinctives
Understanding Your Bible
Basics of Biblical Interpretation
Doctrine I
Doctrine II
Old Testament Overview
A Study of Acts and the Epistles
Biblical Geography

James D. Short, A.S.

Understanding Your Bible
Doctrine I
Doctrine II
Basics of Biblical Exposition
A Study of the Life of Christ

Clint M. Boaz, A.A, B.S., M.B.A.

History of the Apostolic Church
Christian Ethics

Joey Waldrep

Doctrine I

Pastor Johnny Burgess

Doctrine III

Pastor Gregory Riggen

Doctrine II

Stanley C. Short

Stanley Short has been with Apostolic College since its inception. His tireless efforts and burden for the college have proven invaluable. We greatly appreciate his dedication to curriculum development and instruction, as well as his role as Dean of Students.

We are very sorry that due to Bro. Short’s ongoing health issues he is not able to be directly involved in ACBS as he has in the past. He continues to be involved by serving on the ACBS Advisory Board.

Practical Ministerial Training

Pastor Gary L. Howard

Pastoral Studies
New Testament Church Government

Elder Kenneth Baglin

What Every Minister Needs to Know

Elder Raymond Taunton

Ministerial Ethics