I am very thankful that Elder Howard made ACBS available to other churches. For the last several years many in our leadership have taken these classes and have been greatly blessed. The classes are thorough and well-presented and our leaders are more excited than ever about learning and living the Word of God. This fills a great need in the Apostolic fellowship and is enhancing the church’s ability to remain strong in the doctrine for years to come.

Pastor John Burgess – Colorado Springs, CO


We want to thank Elder Howard and his dedicated staff for making Apostolic Bible College available off-site. As a Pastor, I took the fourth year ministry courses and benefited greatly from the vast experience of Elder Howard, Elder Baglin, and Elder Taunton.

We also have several young men who just graduated from the Bible school. These men enjoyed the class (they took it together at our church), and most importantly, they learned how to study the Bible. We will be encouraging other young people to take these classes and will be requiring aspiring ministers to graduate from this school. In my opinion, this is an invaluable resource that we have needed for a long time. ACBS has our full support!

Pastor John Collins  – Twin Falls, ID


As a pastor of a growing church, I am always looking for ways to help our people “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ”. I found that at Apostolic College of Biblical Studies! The program is engaging, and the knowledge received is immediately applicable to personal ministry. The class lectures are engrossing and allow for clarification of the different biblical subjects covered. The program allows one to gain a deeper, more objective view of the Bible and, provides the tools needed to share the Gospel with the world. Thank you ACBS!

Pastor Patrick Garrett – Yucaipa, CA


As an evangelist traveling full time with my wife and kids in a 5th wheel trailer my time is very limited. Every church I preach for has a specific set of needs for their revival. Many times, my schedule can be hectic and scattered. I have always wanted to attend Bible college but because of this schedule, it made it impossible. ACBS has alleviated this problem. Their instructors have been understanding and accommodating to the unorganized schedule of full-time evangelism. Also, the affordability of the college really makes it an easy choice for any budget. Any Pastor could feel safe that their saint or local church minister is receiving sound Apostolic doctrine.

Evangelist Andrew Chavez – Ventura, CA


The courses of ACBS have been a tremendous blessing to me! The material is safe and provokes thought, not only to understand but to also explain the doctrine. The passion and dedication of the instructors is an inspiration as they share not only knowledge but a burden. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to participate in this college.

Devin England – Melville, LA


The structure and schedule of these classes made it possible for me to attend while balancing family, work, and pastoring a church. These classes were a tremendous blessing that affected the spiritual growth of myself, and the church I pastor.

Pastor Leonel Rocha, Jr – Tulsa, OK


It is an incredible privilege to study at Apostolic College! The instructors consistently demonstrate more than just head-knowledge — there is a transfer of heart-knowledge. Quality in curriculum, material, and each presentation is the signature at Apostolic College.

Jared Hilton – Olathe, KS


I love studying at Apostolic College of Biblical Studies! The curriculum is tremendous, and the instructors are passionate and personable. Plus, studying God's Word with others who are hungry to know more is one of the best ways I know of to keep the fire burning! It is definitely worth every effort to be a part of ACBS!

Kelsi Curry – Tulsa, OK


I am so grateful for the Apostolic College of Biblical Studies. The quality of the lectures surpassed my expectations. The instructors bring Biblical understanding and years of practical ministry experience to every class. Everything I learned in class is so immediately applicable to my current ministry work. I believe enrolling in this college is one of the best decisions I ever made for my ministry and personal growth. The knowledge I have gained at this school has catapulted my ministry many years ahead of where it would be otherwise.

Pastor Benjamin Davis – Rosenberg, TX


Apostolic College has challenged me in ways I was not sure was possible, and I have always benefited from every challenge tossed my way. I know now that this is not only a place to learn, but it is a place where seeds are planted, and a burden for the harvest is embedded.

Kristen Waldrep – Tulsa, OK


Taking courses from Apostolic College has been a huge blessing to me! Learning the basics of Apostolic doctrine, as well as going further in-depth in the Word of God has made me better for the Kingdom of God. The teaching is rock-solid and simple to understand. I strongly recommend taking these classes!

Jonathan Waldrep – Tulsa, OK


Apostolic College has not only been enlightening, but revelatory. It has been an aid to me in discovering many methods to explore God's Word and has challenged my understanding of the Bible. The instructors have an extremely organized curriculum but incorporate their personalities, experiences, values, and standards to help students in our everyday lives to better serve God and help teach others about Him. Apostolic College is full of instructors and students with a desire to live pleasing to God, a passion to spread the Gospel, and a burden to educate others by the grace of God.

Tiffany Klann – Fresno, CA